Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Holiday Landscape Snaps

So I thought I would post something a bit different this time, these are some snaps from my holiday to Sweden. I was trying out my new Sigma 10-20mm lens. I really love it, but I do struggle to get it in focus when on a low depth of field, not sure if it's the lens/camera or me, I think I need new glasses.

This lake is the second largest lake in Sweden.

This was a stop off on one of our long road trips. Very random but interesting.

This is inside the restaurant! 

Another stop off, a Viking House in the middle of the forest.

A large church.

This cloud is coming down from a massive mountain, I said I wanted to see a mountain so we went to one only to see loads of cloud coming down off it!

This was I think it was called A Round house. A fort kind of thing.

Massive cathedral. 

These next ones are from Birka, "The Viking Island"

Just some snaps on an evening walk.

The sunset over the lake.

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