Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Today I will be talking about the final outfit of my last shoot with Sara Hedgren. 

We were in a public park not 5 minutes from where I live where Sara stripped off and walked around in her bra amongst the elderly people in the park, who didn't blink an eye. Although one lady did stop to tell her she looks beautiful! I guess that is what it is like in Sweden, not so prude as in the UK ;)

In the park there is this lovely white gazebo which worked out quite well, but I enjoy just using the flowers and plants in my photos too. 

As I said before for this shoot the sun was so strong that day I had to keep Sara in the shade and use the shade to my advantage, as well as use the lens flare to my advantage. I was only using my 50mm lens for the whole shoot, it is my favourite lens as I am a massive fan of blurred bokeh.

I guess it will be the new year before the final blog post about this shoot!
Have a great new year and happy holidays, and thanks for reading :)

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I thought it was about time to update my blog with some more photos from my last shoot. 

The second outfit of the day was this one with this awesome machete. It was really fun to have this in the photos, I haven't done anything like it before. Again, I was playing around with the intense sunlight, creating lens flares. I had to keep the sun behind Sara otherwise the shadows on her face were too intense. 

We saw this log that was in a field of really long grass, we decided to wade through the grass to find out it was surrounded by stinging nettles. That was fun. Although, worth it.

I hope these photos brought some summer to these dark nights! 
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Monday, 4 August 2014

Long Grass Shoot

Another blog post about my last shoot. Although that was now a few months ago! But i have been away for a month on a cruise and visiting family back in the UK.

As I have said the weather was sooo hot in the end, we had really strong sun beaming down on us. So I had to try and use the sun to my advantage. We found this grassy area and i sat Sara in a speckled shady part under a tree, again with the sun behind her.

I loved using the lens flare in this shoot, I LOVE lens flare and i have never really used it before this shoot, but i really love the results. I know there are probably some people out there who say ewww lens flare, but hey, Sara and I both loved the results from this shoot!

Here are some more very summary photos:

I didn't like crouching in the long grass so much, because I don't want to get creepy crawleys on me, but at least this part of grass didn't have loads of stinging nettles like the next bit we decided to sit down in did! haha, more about that in my next blog post.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Shoot

I am finally writing a new blog post here! I haven't really been doing much photography so it is hard to find things to blog about, but i actually had a shoot last month! 

I was lucky enough to find Sara Hedgren, she is Swedish but lives in the US so it was lucky for us to be both in the same place in Sweden for a shoot. 

We chose a day to meet and it actually turned out with really strong and hot sun! The strong sun isn't so good for photos, so I had to keep finding shade for Sara to stand in otherwise she got too strong shadows on her face - not good.

We met up at a local rose garden to find so many beautiful, colourful flowers in full bloom! We just had to use them in the shots.

These are some of the first outfit we shot that day, in the next blog post I will share some more images :)

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Black & White Vintage Shoot

Another old shoot of mine but again, another favourite. It is really hard for me to have favourites because I love all my shoots and they are all so different. 

Here I had the chance to do something I hadn't done before, photograph two models together, and I hadn't photographed any male models before either.

Here are models Annie Andrews and Paul Dixon.
They had never met each other before but they worked together so well for me, it was so much fun to do this little cheeky shoot with Annie touching his tie. I also did another shoot with these two together which involved Annie taking her clothes off for Paul, I will write about that shoot next time ;)

For now, here is some images from this cheeky little vintage style shoot.

And some showing this dapper young man...

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Flashback Friday!

According to the details on the images, this shoot was nearly a year ago! How time does fly. 
This was a group shoot I set up with my fellow university class mates, we had several models come along to Dieselpunk Studios with plenty of rooms to pick from to use as a backdrop. 

This lovely lady is Annie Andrews, I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of photographing her on this day.

She is a vintage enthusiast, so I thought this backdrop fitted her vintage suit pretty well for this more vintage feel shoot. 

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Throwback Thursday: A Colourful Pin Up

Here is a little look back at one of my favourite shoots I did when I was still at university. This was for my final major project, so I was in my final year and I had gotten the hang of using the studio we had on campus.

When I was looking for models who were willing to be photographed by someone still studying I would trawl through places like Facebook and model sites and message so many people. I came across this lovely lady and I am so glad I did!

Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, whose blog has since boomed and she keeps doing amazing photo shoots, everyone needs check it out.

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