Friday, 27 April 2012

Jacquie Oh!

So I was lucky enough to have yet another shoot with Jacquie Oh! This time in the studio.

I love each outfit she brought for me for this shoot, I am really happy with the colours and the kitschy-ness of them.

More here.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cowgirl Pinup

Another new shoot for me last week. Getting very near to my hand in date though so I have slowed down a bit so I can actually have time to produce exhibition pieces.

What a stunner! I told her her should smile more often.

And the main event, the cowgirl!

And one of my favourites...

Can you believe this lovely lady had only been in a studio once before? She was fantastic, as you can see from the results I hope.

See the rest of the shoot here.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Getting ready for my exhibition...

So my exhibition is creeping nearer and nearer... only 4 weeks until it will be up! Scary!!

So I have been thinking about how to how my images, and this crinkled up poster look seems to be working.

Frist try


Just to see what it was like in black and white

This works well

first try at Loula

This faded colouring really looks great on this image

I think I will go for something like this, and vary it for each image otherwise it will look too samey.
Something someone said was that each one should be different and have it's own story, like for example one with fingerprints from a G.I, one that's gotten soaking wet in the rain from a soldier etcetc...

Head over to my page for more...

and have a look at the exhibition event page and come along to support my class!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pinup Shoot with Bexy Beatdown

These are some photos I haven't shown on here from a while ago when I did a group shoot.
This is the lovely Bexy Beatdown, she is so great to work with.

Another piece of Collectif clothing, I do love their clothes!

I wanted to work with Bexy for a more alternative look for a pinup girl shoot. For something different. I like to think I am trying to combine more sub genres together by using "alternative" models with tattoos and piercings for classic pinup photo shoots. Call it a contemporary twist on the classic pinup artwork. 

Again for this shoot I  used coloured gels, no photo shopping on the background - this is real lighting techniques that I have found work really well with what I want to achieve.

You can find Bexy Beatdown here.

And the rest of the photos here.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Lili La Scala

The other day I had the pleasure to meet with the burlesque performer, Lili La Scala.
I had been asked to go along with a fellow degree student who is studying journalism who was interviewing her, so I went to take a couple of photos afterwards.

It happened a couple of days after I saw her be the host of a burlesque event in Chelmsford, a club named Hooga is now a regular place for Miss Phoenix Flaming Burlesque.

Lili was so lovely to us both, and we were both very nervous! She even took the time to pose with her gorgeous cat!

You can find Lili's page here and Miss Phoenix here.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Medway Steampunk Event

I went along to the Medway Festival of Steam and Transport on Easter Sunday, as they were doing a special Steampunk market, fashion show, talk and more for the Steampunk lovers.

I drove through lots of rain everywhere to get there, but it didn't rain at all the whole time we were there! I had my new corset on, my spat style leg warmers, my belt, many accessories and of course my goggles. It's nice as what somoene said about the Steampunk fashion that day is that you can spot a fellow Steampunker from across the room, just look out for goggles. It's a good tip.

Here is a photo of me that a fellow Steampunker took on the day:

Me looking like a total geek. I did have a go at modelling for my friend so we shall see how they came out soon.

I had a great day and met lots of new people. The Steampunk community seem to be a tight-knight one in person, everyone seems to know everyone and being an outsider is a little difficult. People seem much more friendly online in the communities I am included in.

One of my favourite images.

I hope to attend a lot more Steampunk events and get a bit more friendly with the people there. I love photographing the Steampunk community, everyone looks amazing.


And, on another note, I am doing a Highschool of the Dead cosplay tomorrow and we need people to be zombie extras for us. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer, it is tomorrow from mid day at Basildon. Contact me here.