Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Getting ready for my exhibition...

So my exhibition is creeping nearer and nearer... only 4 weeks until it will be up! Scary!!

So I have been thinking about how to how my images, and this crinkled up poster look seems to be working.

Frist try


Just to see what it was like in black and white

This works well

first try at Loula

This faded colouring really looks great on this image

I think I will go for something like this, and vary it for each image otherwise it will look too samey.
Something someone said was that each one should be different and have it's own story, like for example one with fingerprints from a G.I, one that's gotten soaking wet in the rain from a soldier etcetc...

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and have a look at the exhibition event page and come along to support my class!

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