Monday, 16 April 2012

Pinup Shoot with Bexy Beatdown

These are some photos I haven't shown on here from a while ago when I did a group shoot.
This is the lovely Bexy Beatdown, she is so great to work with.

Another piece of Collectif clothing, I do love their clothes!

I wanted to work with Bexy for a more alternative look for a pinup girl shoot. For something different. I like to think I am trying to combine more sub genres together by using "alternative" models with tattoos and piercings for classic pinup photo shoots. Call it a contemporary twist on the classic pinup artwork. 

Again for this shoot I  used coloured gels, no photo shopping on the background - this is real lighting techniques that I have found work really well with what I want to achieve.

You can find Bexy Beatdown here.

And the rest of the photos here.

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