Monday, 28 May 2012


My exhibition the other week went really well. Thanks to everyone who came along. I got some great feedback, seems I am doing something right! 

Here is the start of my exhibition setting up... 

Here are my two boards of photos.

The lovely Poppy Scarlet came to the opening night! Here we are together. 

And the lovely Hotrod Bettie came along too!

I felt like a bit of a celebrity with people wanting photos with me and my work! I am not used to (or very good at), being the other side of the camera! I am good at looking awkward as you might notice here. 

I have my next exhibition coming up, in Free Range at London's Brick Lane! The event page is here, everyone welcome. It's from the 28th June to the 2nd July. I will be showing my pin up work, any maybe something new! 

Have a little look at my newly updated website too! I am offering post card pin ups for sale. 
You can also see them on my Facebook page.

I was also hoping now that I have finished my degree to open my own studio for pin up make over shoots, but now I am not sure if I will be moving to Sweden! In the meantime I will be doing some location stuff, and also possibly renting a local studio for some shoots. So get in touch if you would like any shoots, from family portraits, pets, babies to obviously, pin up. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Noir Shoot

Here are some images from another Film Noir inspired shoot.

Without the classic Venetian blind look shadow, but i wanted to concentrate on the actual shadow of the models.

Not bad I don't think - I am quite happy with the results. And the fact that these two are a real life couple makes it that much more awesome! 

For anyone interested in the technical side of this shoot, I played around with the snoot on one light and had that one on the face of one of the models. Then used a normal Bowen's light (whatever they are called haha) and shone it from the side to get the shadows going up the wall you see here. 

They were very long exposures and they both did very well to stand still for me! 

Always check up on my page for more stuff that's going on with me -  I am offering postcard pin up prints for sale now! :D 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Exhibition Tomorrow

So I have been quite busy over the past few weeks, although I have slowed down on photo shoots I had to edit everything down and hand in my work, and actually handed in the last ever project for university! (scary!)

Tomorrow, my class and I are hosting our private view for our end of uni exhibition. We are all showing our final projects, so a lot of different stuff on show. 

And obviously I will be showing my pin up stuff that I have been working on all year! 

If you are reading this, and are local (Essex, UK) Please feel free to come along! The event page is here for all the info. 

Here is some of what to expect tomorrow from me....

I can't spoil you too much!

I look forward to showing my work after working on it since January, I feel I have come a very long way in a short amount of time. 

And I hope to see lots of people there! 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Film Noir Showcase

Here is the main thing I had planned to do the other week at Dieselpunk studios. A film noir inspired set of images for a vintage lingerie website.
The day before I went and bought some venetian blinds to try and recreate the look from the film noir films of the 1940s/50s. They have very specific lighting techniques and are quite dark and moody.

It took a little bit to get the lighting near what I was expecting in my head but now looking at the finished photographs I think it worked out very well.

The showcase is being shown on the lingerie website Joanna's Wardrobe, and has a link to it on the front page banner. It's really great to see my work actually being used on someone else's website.

And you can purchase the very beautiful set of lingerie that the model is wearing for the shoot.

And the rest of the shoot is on my page.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Annie & Eliott Vintage Shoot

Here are some more from last weeks day at Dieselpunk Studio.
The fabulous Annie here in the study...

Here I got Annie and Eliott together in there.

I wonder what she is whispering....

This was such a fun shoot. I loved working with two models at once, especially a male/female combo. I haven't done it before and it was great! They worked together so well, both of them are amazing.

I want to thank Karen from Joanna's Wardrobe for lending the lovely Corselette that Annie is wearing here. She also leant us some swimwear that you can find on the Joanna's Wardrobe website.

Just because I like this one:

As always, find the rest on my page.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dolly Divine Pin Up Shoot

My university class and I booked the local Dieselpunk Studios for a day. What a great day it was!

I had organised a few models to come along, and one was Dolly Divine.
I met her at the local train station and we went to the studio. The first room I photographed her in was the boudoir room. She had a great set of lingerie with faux leopard print fur!

We moved into the 50s style diner after that.

We then had a chance to get together in the tiki bar later that day. I had been busy with the other models - more on that in my next blog ;)

She had an amazing dress just perfect for the occasion.

She is really fun to work with and has great expressions.

Check out the rest here.