Friday, 4 May 2012

Film Noir Showcase

Here is the main thing I had planned to do the other week at Dieselpunk studios. A film noir inspired set of images for a vintage lingerie website.
The day before I went and bought some venetian blinds to try and recreate the look from the film noir films of the 1940s/50s. They have very specific lighting techniques and are quite dark and moody.

It took a little bit to get the lighting near what I was expecting in my head but now looking at the finished photographs I think it worked out very well.

The showcase is being shown on the lingerie website Joanna's Wardrobe, and has a link to it on the front page banner. It's really great to see my work actually being used on someone else's website.

And you can purchase the very beautiful set of lingerie that the model is wearing for the shoot.

And the rest of the shoot is on my page.

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