Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Today I will be talking about the final outfit of my last shoot with Sara Hedgren. 

We were in a public park not 5 minutes from where I live where Sara stripped off and walked around in her bra amongst the elderly people in the park, who didn't blink an eye. Although one lady did stop to tell her she looks beautiful! I guess that is what it is like in Sweden, not so prude as in the UK ;)

In the park there is this lovely white gazebo which worked out quite well, but I enjoy just using the flowers and plants in my photos too. 

As I said before for this shoot the sun was so strong that day I had to keep Sara in the shade and use the shade to my advantage, as well as use the lens flare to my advantage. I was only using my 50mm lens for the whole shoot, it is my favourite lens as I am a massive fan of blurred bokeh.

I guess it will be the new year before the final blog post about this shoot!
Have a great new year and happy holidays, and thanks for reading :)

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