Sunday, 5 May 2013

Flapper Girl

Another update with more shots from High Elm Manor with Jenevieve Van-Veda Alt Model
I seriously can't get enough of her, she amazes me every time we shoot!

Again, we were going for a very vintage feel to the images which means a lot of post production work for me that I haven't done much of before really. 
But I do think it works! 

I personally like the mix of black and white and a bit of skin colour in this set.

For whoever wants to know about me, I have been living in Sweden for nearly a month now. It is very strange, I am struggling with the language. But it is so beautiful here!
I have even been in contact with some models, although travelling to some models out here is much further than the UK as it is a bigger place. But I think I should be arranging some stuff soon.

Other than that I have a convention I am going to this week so I might get some interesting photos there. There is a huge Steampunk theme to it this year for all your Steampunk fans :)
I will be dressing head to toe in my Steampunk gear!

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