Monday, 5 March 2012

Tales From My Location Shoot

I did a shoot in a park in London last month, meeting up with 3 lovely girls there.
It was a chilly day, with remnants of the snow still on the ground, but the sun was low and golden
which gave some gorgeous light for me.
I actually had someone helping with holding a reflector, which I don't usually have - but it made a huge difference!!
Here you can definitely see the sunlight on one side of her face and the reflector doing it's job on her left side.
One of my favourite pictures with all three girls.

Another favourite of mine.
Zoe suits this era so well.

Overall I am very happy with the images I managed to get. And we were dodging a police officer who insisted we wasn't allowed to photograph in the park! Even though I could see someone photographing the snow behind him when he was saying so...

All the models can be found through my facebook page.

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