Thursday, 15 March 2012

At The Beach...In The Studio

I have been a busy girl editing images this week. Just finished the pictures from last week of Julia, and have done one for each model from Tuesday's group shoot.

Here are a couple more of my favourites of Julia.

Here we busted out the fan and blew it right in her face, bless her!

And one a bit less cheesey......

The fantastic Poppy Scarlet brought along so amazing props and ideas for our shoot on Tuesday. And here is one of her ideas:

Here I used coloured jels on a light, creating the blue, but tweaked the floor digitally to look yellow for a sandy feel. And yes, that is a Michael Jackson 'Thriller' themed tattoo! Amazing.

I had also been wanting to do a tiki themed pin-up shoot and had managed to put one together I think, with Bexy Beatdown.

Here I used what was supposed to be an orange jel but it gave a nice pastel colour that seemed to work with this theme.

Been a good week, even though I was ill monday night before the shoot from reheated pizza! I am very very happy with the results, and will be working this these models again soon.


  1. These are just wow! I love what you've done with the colours and the tiki theme works well x

    1. Thank's Jodie for your comments :) Really nice to hear!