Friday, 1 March 2013


When I went to the abandoned asylum a few weeks ago I went with a lovely model, Yuliya. 
After her helping me climb the fence she confessed this wasn't her first time going to abandoned buildings. 

One of her outfits was this black dress, she even made this epic headpiece to go with it.

This formal look suited this large empty room. It was quite breathtaking when we first found it.

More to come from this shoot! You can see some on my page.


  1. Wow amazing setting for a shoot! I've loved the little sneak peeks you've posted on Facebook :)
    Beautiful model too and great dress

    Ps I'm celebrating my first blog birthday with a giveaway if you would like to enter to win an amazing collection of things including a beautiful velvet turban from Crown and Glory

    1. Thanks Jodie! And congrats on your anniversary! :) x

  2. My favourite is the 6th photo down! Love the whole outfit contrasting with the derelict setting!