Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Codex Cosplay

The making of my Codex from The Guild Cosplay!

I am so very pleased with myself that I have managed to make another great prop for a cosplay.

Using just mainly things around the house as well. It shows you don't have to spend a fortune on cosplay.

Codex is from the online tv show The Guild, where they play an massive online multiplayer game, like World Of Warcraft. She and her friends all have avatars they use in the game, and this is the outfit of Codex's avatar. They all wore the outfits from their games in a music video they made called "Do you wanna date my avatar?" You should really watch it on youtube for it, it's great.

Here is what she looks like, played by the lovely Felicia Day:

Here is what i started with for my staff, a paper stencil. 

Then i cut it out in cardboard, and layered the sides.

Then good old fashioned Papier-mâché

I made the rings out of some clay stuff i got from a cheap shop.

The sphere i got on eBay for a few pounds. And sprayed it green with some spray paint i found in the garage. 

The staff itself was an old broom handle.

There is a little bit at the bottom of the staff i cut out white plastic tubing for plumbing and glued it to the shape i needed, and glued a rubber bouncy ball into it.

The circle skirt cut out of the fabric.

I got a cheap corset on eBay and covered it with the right colour fabric.

Made a front panel out of craft foam that i used for the Thor armour, i had some left.
I also made the top with this foam, but i didn't take any progress pictures of it, as well as the gauntlets.

The necklace and headband were cheap off eBay with some other craft gems and bits i found to glue to them.

The shoes were again from eBay, with faux leather strips.

Here are the results!

The photos were taken by Jasmine Lilly Photography, she also did the Thor shoot with me previously.
This shoot was done on the windiest day i have ever experienced, so it was really hard to get some without my hair and skirt flying all over the place. And it was freezing! But Jasmine even brought a heat-pad with her for me! If you can excuse my face I think the results are pretty good.

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