Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Something Scandinavian

Since moving to Sweden going into the forest has been something I really enjoy doing. Especially if we can find mushrooms and berries whilst we are there! We have found wild blueberries, which are smaller than the usual blueberries. Wild strawberries, the are smaller too and taste delicious. We also found lots of raspberries one day. 

And now that it's getting later in the year, the mushrooms are coming up everywhere! As a big mushroom lover I am very easily pleased to find them and pick them myself. 

We have to do a lot of research online to find out which ones are actually edible, as a lot are poisonous! An easy way to find mostly edible ones is to stick to the "sopp" family, which have a foamy underside rather than the slats like you see on the first mushroom below. There is only one "sopp" mushroom that you cannot eat (I think!)

The 8th picture I have posted here are Chanterelle's, you may recognise them as they are a delicacy and are very expensive to buy. They are considered the gold of the forest.

These last ones may look strange and grey, I wasn't sure myself. But after tasting them they were actually really yummy! So don't let looks put you off of your mushrooms! Just make sure they are not poisonous :)

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