Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Supernatural Cosplay

I wanted to feature the amazing Supernatural Cosplayers I met at KultCon last year together in a blog post. Supernatural is one of my favourite TV shows, I even have an anti-demon tattoo like the boys get in the show :D 

As I was walking around KultCon snapping some photographs I saw a big group of Cosplayers and I instantly knew what they were Cosplaying. I plucked up some courage and approached the group to see if they had some free time to come with me for a few photos. They were all so friendly and seemed quite happy that I had asked! 


I would like to say thanks to all these lovely Cosplayers who took time out to come and pose for me!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the guys who went on stage and did a little Supernatural stage show with sound bytes and music from the show for the Cosplay Competition.

This might be a bit uninteresting for people who do not know the show Supernatural, but even without hearing the sound and music that was played over these guys, I think fans will still enjoy and appreciate these images!

Check out my page for the rest of the photos from this set.

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