Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spring Bunny

Here are the last photos from my bunny shoot. 

I did enjoy doing the shoot on the beach by the lake, it is a really lovely backdrop. And literally just outside my door! I wanted to get the blue water in the background of the shoot because i thought it would be a nice colour backdrop.

It is usually really windy in town here because of the lake, but it wasn't too bad the day we shot. Although we were both pretty cold! 

Again, here, trying to keep the shadows out of LiWe's face by turning her away from the sun.

Here we found a wall of some kind of green climbing plant, so I thought using it as a foreground/background thing would be nice and the green felt like spring!

Here there is some lens flare in these photos, as LiWe was in the shade I was facing the sun. I don't mind, I am a fan of it but some people do not like it.

I have some more photos for my next post from this shoot, so check back in a little while. And thanks for reading! You can see my newest updates on my facebook page. 

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